How Skint Works, 2019

So you want to come to Skint? Whether you’ve never missed one or it’s your first time, we’d love to welcome you. But first, it’s important that you read this before making your application. Our application process is changing this year, so make sure you read it in detail. If you don’t understand any of it, please contact us.

Getting a place

The festival runs for the full weekend, Friday night through to Sunday afternoon. In that time we have:

All of the workshops, meals and concerts are taught, prepared and played by volunteers. We all pitch in to set up and clean up afterwards too. No-one is paid, and the committee pay the same amount to attend as other attendees. By applying to Skint you agree to join in and help. When you apply we will ask you what you can do to help.

This year you can book meals and camping separately from the weekend ticket. Simply select the relevant boxes on the booking page. If part of the festival is fully booked, for example one of the meals, you can still attend the weekend and book the other meals, but you will have to arrange your own food for the fully booked meal.

Places are not transferable. They will allow only the named person to attend. You cannot sell or give them to someone else. This is to make the application process fair for everyone, & we will enforce the rules. In exceptional cases we may cancel tickets obtained in contravention of the rules.

You can only book two places. This allows people to come in pairs. If you want to come as a family please contact us.

This year there will be no waiting list, as we will be making more individual places available, on a more flexible basis. Refunds We offer 75% refunds until the 30th September 2019. After that no refunds will be available.

Safer Spaces Policy

We have a Safer Spaces Policy, which will be published at the festival.

What’s changed?

In case you’re curious, here are the differences from last year:

Meals and camping for the weekend are booked separately on our booking page. This allows you to still come to the festival & join in with the parts which are not already fully booked. We don’t have a waiting list. But we hope that the new system will enable nearly everyone to come that wants to. No random allocation of places.

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