Booking Process

Last year we tried a new booking process and seeing as how it worked so beautifully we’re going to stick with it this year as well. Those that sign up in the first half hour (7-7:30pm) will be jumbled up and allocated places in a randomised order (so that people with slower broadband don’t miss out unfairly). After 7:30pm places will be allocated in the traditional first-come-first-served basis. You can apply for a single place or for two, so couples don’t need to worry about only one of you getting a place.

During the booking process you will need the following information.

Bookings are non-transferrable


It's likely that if you apply after 7:30pm you will end up on the waiting list, so be there or be square!

Full weekend

The full weekend price includes indoor camping and all meals from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. They will cost £35.

Day & evening places

As well as weekend places we are also going to be offering day and evening places that don't include food or indoor camping. These tickets will be available on the door. Please email if you are planning to camp outside!

Friday evening£5
Friday night outdoor camping£5
Saturday day£5
Saturday evening£5
Saturday night outdoor camping£5
Sunday day£5


Payment is via GoCardless. Please pay promptly. If this is a problem, you will need to contact us via email.

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